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Marble Benchtops & Kitchen Benches in Sydney


*GST is not included.

Prices listed include Sydney Metro area site measurement, supply and installation.  

Slab Size: 3200 x1600 x 20mm, except 8250 Marmo Gris and 8080 Carrara Giois, size is 3075x1600 x 20mm

Extra charge apply:

  $300+GST per slab for 40mm thickness look

  $500 +GST per slab for 40mm-100mm thickness 

  $300+GST for under-mount sink cutout and polish

$400+GST for butler sink (farmhouse sink) cutout and polish

$700+GST for flush mount sink cutout and polish

no extra charge for drop-in sink, cook-top and tap hole cutout 

Unit surcharge apply, $200 +GST extra for each level ($200+GST extra only if lift is available)

Newcastle, Blue Mountain, Wollongong surcharge service fee apply 

15 Year Limited Warranty offered by TALOSTONE*conditions apply

We always finish jobs within 9 working days after payment.  

(Special edges need extra 5 working days) 

CALL US 0450788512  7 DAYS 

For some colors, we can do price match or beat the price

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Available Edge Profiles

Note: A minumum radius of 3-4mm is recommended on any edge profile. 

Pencil Edge

Recommended 6mm minimum radius

No surcharge

Laminated Edge

For a thicker edge look

No surcharge

Mitred Apron Edge

Especially recommended for supernatural design edges

No surcharge

5x5 Shadow Line Edge Join

An excellent option for islands and drop down panels

No surcharge

Bullnose Edge

Full profile radius

Surcharge: $350/meter

Shark Nose Edge

Where a thin edge / floating look is desired

Surcharge: $350/meter

Splayed Edge

Often used for furniture

Surcharge: $350/meter

Beautiful marble benchtops for your kitchen 

A kitchen has the potential to transform the visual appeal of a home. It gives the elegant look to a home while adding value to the property. The exquisite looks of a marble kitchen bench are simply a class apart, that makes it a favourable choice for kitchen benchtops. These benchtops play a significant role in governing the aesthetics of a kitchen. They can help achieve the desired appearance of a kitchen. Marble benchtops seamlessly match the interior designs of the home without the need for investing further on renovation, anytime soon. They make the kitchen more functional while maintaining the overall look of the space. 

  • Bespoke marble benchtops in Sydney: J and K Marble prides itself on being a leading supplier of marble benchtops in Sydney. Many people tire in selecting other benchtop materials because of the limited options that they offer. They are not available in distinct colours. However, the meticulous collection of these marble benchtops matches the needs of any home. Tailored with superior quality, they are available in a range of textures, designs, and colours. They comply with all the quality standards. One can rely on J and K Marble for a stone that defines the visual statement of their home. 
  • Marble kitchen bench that fits the needs: The requirements of every kitchen vary and so do the needs of the person. Whatever may be the requirements, the ultimate goal is to create a desirable kitchen that suits the needs of the person who uses it. It should gain a well pleasing look that perfectly matches the home. With the best possible solution, J and K Marble have the expertise to fulfill the demands of customers. The benchtops are not just stylish but durable also. They are an ideal addition to the kitchen while being available in a wide array of patterns. 
  • Finest selection of kitchen benchtops in Sydney: The preferences for kitchen benchtops vary for every home. With an incredible range of designs, the marble benchtops are a perfect fit for varying lifestyles and space. The form and function of these benchtops are designed to suit the needs and match the taste of our customers. They surely boost the value of the home while increasing the visual appeal. The stunning collection of benchtops at J and K Marble succeeds in finding a space for itself in every kitchen in Sydney. Crafted for the needs of the modern kitchen, one cannot miss out on these beautiful benchtops that have all the properties to match the needs of every homeowner. 
  • Take the kitchen look to the next level: While people invest a lot of time in studying the different ranges  of benchtops out there, the expert team at J and K Marble help every customer in choosing a marble kitchen bench that matches their style and the design of their home. With a touch of sophistication, it is an excellent way to upgrade the look of their kitchen. The classic look and elegance offered is what makes these benchtops the first choice of preference for many.