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Smartstone | Quartz Ranges

Thanks to Smartstone engineered quartz and Atlas Plan porcelain, enjoying the luxurious beauty of marble-look and stone-style surfaces is more achievable than ever.



Smartstone is where the beauty of natural stone meets the durability of quartz. It is the ultimate choice for stone kitchen benchtops, as well as the ideal surface for an almost-endless array of interior applications.

Smartstone surfaces are meticulously sourced globally to meet our exacting standards of durability, sustainability and innovation. Offering excellent value, Smartstone is the smartest way to enjoy the prestige of natural stone benchtops without the price-tag.


The Beauty of Smartstone

  • Smartstone offers the most popular types of quartz surfaces available.
  • These are available in four price categories so that you can better look for a Smartstone that fits within your budget.
  • The colour collection of Smartstone is available in 1 of 2 larger and more versatile sizes, offering some great design possibilities.
  • Smartstone has got international environmental, health, and safety certification.
  • This stone offers the natural appearance of natural stone with a more durable and hard wearing surface. This also comes with several years of limited warranty.



The most affordable Smartstone range of beautiful quartz surfaces.



caesarstone - deluxe range


A range of stylish quartz surfaces featuring versatile patterns and refined grains.



Caesarstone Supernatural Range


A classic range of quartz surfaces exhibiting beauty, quality, and value.



Caesarstone Supernatural Premium Range


Showcasing some of the most prized surfaces in natural looking quartz.



Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra Range


Elegant surfaces that perfectly reflect natural stone in durable quartz.




Give Your Kitchen an Elegant Makeover

Smartstone is a popular natural quartz surface. These surfaces are mostly used to create benchtops in bathrooms and kitchens all across the globe. And the luxurious collections of these benchtops are specified by the interior designers, architects, and kitchen designers across the globe. Smartstone benchtops are made of 93% natural quartz, pigments, and resins used as the binding agents.

The best thing about Smartstone is that the veined surface of this material is manufactured by using the latest technology to create natural-looking surfaces available in the engineered stone. Smartstone quartz surfaces are mostly used in almost every commercial or residential indoor surfacing application, and the ideal use of these surfaces is for splashbacks, kitchen benchtops, and bathrooms because of its non-porous qualities. These surfaces offer the best quality, durability, and strength.


Add Sheen to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

We, J and K Marble, are one name that you can count on when choosing Smartstone benchtops in Sydney. The Smartstone surfaces that we offer are made with 93% quartz, combined with resins and pigments that make the surface durable. We offer a wide range of colour choices in Smartstone benchtops.

The best thing about the benchtops we offer is that these can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens of residential and commercial properties. Their non-porous quality makes them the perfect choice for different wet and humid spaces in these areas. No matter what thickness or size you prefer while purchasing Smartstone benchtops, you can rest assured you will be able to get it from us. Here we work with the latest laser measurement tools, which help us customise the benchtops as per the requests of our clients. So, whatever type of benchtop you need, we have it.


Why Choose J and K Marble

At J and K Marble, we empower Australians to enjoy the luxurious look and feel of Smartstone benchtops with our range of incredible options and personalised service. By working with us, our clients can finally experience the class apart quartz benchtops they once only dreamed of.

Here are the most important points that make us the most popular choice in offering benchtops:

  • Premium quality benchtops that include natural-looking patterns and refined grains.
  • Benchtops that are large, unique, and beautiful.
  • Innovatively engineered benchtops, which replicate the natural stone beautifully with the distinctive veining on luminous white backgrounds.