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Postal Address: 46-48 Clapham Rd, Sefton, NSW, 2162

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J&K Renovation Group

#1 Engineered Stone Benchtop Specialist in Sydney

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Licence No. 329134C

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J&K Renovation Group

We are stone masonry group operating in Sydney since 2003. We do cutting, polishing and installation of benchtops, waterfalls, splashbacks and vanities. We currently cooperate with Caesarstone, Quantumquartz, Silestone and Talostone for our material needs. Our sub-contract professional installers have more than 20 years experience, in both residential and commercial jobs. Please feel free to contact us!

Our Work

The Most Cutting-Edge Stone Benchtops

At J and K Marble, we offer our clients the most beautiful and expressive kitchen improvement service in the region.


We want to make their experience of working with us as enjoyable as possible. Much of this is possible because our elite team consists of so many dedicated experts who are thoroughly professional in their work. People know that we offer them the best benchtops in Sydney.

We can also assure our clients that none of our peers can match us in manufactured stone benchtops in Sydney.

As an organisation, we have committed ourselves to offer our clients the best engineered stone benchtops in Sydney that they could ever have thought of.

How Do We Help Our Clients

As a top-tier organisation in this industry, we understand how important kitchens are for our clients. Therefore, we are able to offer them some of the most highly sought natural and engineered stone benchtops in Sydney for their kitchens. Our remarkable stone benchtop prices in Sydney are also on par with the current rates on the market. When people are renovating their kitchens, they must look extensively for benchtops that look beautiful and are hard wearing to last well for a long time. 

We are the top names for manufactured stone benchtops in the region, and you can clearly see this difference in the quality of our offerings.


What We Offer to Our Clients

People in the city consider us to be the top name among the stone benchtop suppliers in the city. We also take much pride in such a prestigious label as the best provider of engineered stone benchtops over here. Therefore, we offer them:

  • expert advice
  • obligation-free quotes
  • product knowledge
  • stone benchtop prices that match market rates 
  • colour consultations    

We also offer a wide range of the following qualities in our products for our clients to choose from:

  • brands
  • finishes
  • colours



We Get the Best Products for Our Clients

We always get the best products for our clients and that too from various parts of the world. Apart from general buyers we also work with a wide range of other professionals such as:

  • outdoor pavers
  • contractors
  • developers
  • builders
  • architects
  • shop retailers

Our clients always trust us to provide them with the best benchtops. We have years of experience in the industry and have established a record of working hard in the region. Our technical team too has a lot of qualifications. They have established a strict and robust system of quality control and process management so we can offer our clients the best manufactured stone benchtops in the area.


We are the Perfect Destination for Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney

Yes, for engineered stone benchtops, it does not get any better than us. Kitchen benchtops are important parts of all kitchens because this is where people do most of their kitchen-related work, like using the utilities, setting up the stove, and dealing with the raw food. Stone benchtops are a lot more preferable than vinyl and ceramic because of their durability and finish. The most popular stones in this category are engineered stone and granite. For the decent price of our stone benchtops, you can assuredly always get the dream natural or engineered stone benchtop you seek with all the characteristics you desire.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday 10am to 1pm

If you wish to contact us after hours, please call us at 0450 788 512. If you are planning to come, please call at least one day in advance to make an appointment.